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Museo della Scienza di Roma

"Science Forest"

Science Forest is an open building that redefines the museum experience by creating a public and shared space that focuses on the relationship between history, humanity and nature.

ADAT Studio has created a project that aims to change the way knowledge, nature and history engage in a constant dialogue. The museum becomes a hub for citizens and researchers, a new open community that surpasses conventional boundaries between public and private, natural and artificial, past and future.

The complex blends into the urban fabric and future developments, connecting with neighbouring projects such as Flaminio Urban Project and the new MAXXI - Green MAXXI and MAXXI hub. The design preserves the existing walls of the SMMEP (Military Establishment of Precision Electronic Materials). At the same time, the interior of the building defines a new public urban park merging with the adjacent planned park area.

Spaces on the ground floor will be accessible to everyone, featuring a double-height foyer, a cafeteria, a bookshop, and a restaurant. Along with the urban forest open to the city, these areas form a ‘diffuse gallery’ for hosting exhibitions, events and science-related meetings. Science Forest becomes a place for gathering, studying and encouraging debates.

An on-demand gallery and areas for research and management support the new terrace, offering a buffer zone for open-air exhibitions that fades the threshold between the existing volume and the glass surface.

Technological capsules of various shapes and sizes appear to float above the park, supported by a forest of artificial trees and connected by glazed bridges. The building is protected by a semi-transparent, open skin that allows natural ventilation and enhances the chimney effect. The roof and the south elevation are covered with PV panels, ensuring the mass production of energy for the building.

Conceived as a passive bioclimatic box, the museum offers visitors an experience with plant communities in a new ecosystem. The architecture and landscape arise from a holistic approach, enhancing the biological interactions with flora, fauna, and other organisms. The Museo della Scienza di Roma project aims to attain a high level of certification according to LEED® and WELL® protocols to guarantee optimal comfort conditions and reduce energy consumption.


WITH: Luca Galli, Michele Sacchi, Filippo Testa e Laura Zevi

LANDSCAPE: P’Arcnouveau



  • Location

    Rome, Italy

  • Client

    Roma Capitale

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  • Status

    Winning proposal expected completion in 2027

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